Three Musketeers went trough the Chunnel for a battle in Bolton near Manchester

Three Musketeers (they were four) of OMNISWORD) went to Great Albion, for a European Cadet Foil Circuit rumble in Bolton.
They went to this battle to show themselves, and those who didn’t know for sure, how good you can be, when you go for the good and right fight to put things straight.
A long trip, trough the beautiful landscape in autumn colours under the sun, brought us, well and safe, and in time, to our motel where we took our quarters.
We’ve had to deal with the end of the week traffic of Friday, but a British stand-up comedian on the radio helped us with a smile trough this annoying time.
We went on the road again to find a nearby pub.
We parked our horses near ’The Hinds Head’, where we got some typical fish and chips and for some of us some ginger-ale.
From then on we got in a British mood, flow on British time and felt in accordance with the world that surrounded us, ready for more adventure.

And everything, further trough the weekend, went as planned with much caution.
The results followed, as naturally as it can get, even beyond our expectations.

Young d’Artagnan ( Stef Van Campenhout ) and Aramis (Ezra Vleugels) went both undefeated trough the first round.
They got bye for the first direct elimination because they were seated N°4(Stef) of 119 young men and N°3(Ezra) of 75 young ladies after this spectacular round to everyone else surprise.

At the end Stef offered himself a twenty-fifth (25/118) place and a glimpse on an eventual selection for European Championships with a first minimum result.
With a splendid fifth (5/75) place in quarter final (we couldn’t ask for more) and an earlier good result in Budapest, Ezra is with 41 European points on the road to as well European as World Championships under 17.
Stef is entering as N°101 on the European Rank while Ezra is moving up to place 30.

Athos (fencing Master Francis Crahay) and Porthos (father and coach Dirk Vleugels), the two other musketeers, were pleased to see how everything went well and accepted this splendid gift from the two youngsters.
This was a time of harvesting after years of particular efforts of us all, including some particular sparring and other partners on the home front.
It felt like a time of heaven on earth while we shared the joy on this particular day of the fourth of October (Saint Francis of Assisi’s day by the way).
We cracked a good bottle of cava on this occasion before sleeping time and turned back to Belgium the next day under a brighter sun than before.

Francis Crahay
(Veuillez excuser mon Franglais car je suis un mousquetaire du Roy)

Ps: Someone unknown, we were said, went off with the price of Ezra, passing as quarter finalist in her place while not checked
We expect the Organisation or the EFC to put this straight.